My first post!

I love social media more than most things.  One of my new year’s resolutions was to start a new blog(or a first blog hahaha!), if nothing else to keep track of all the blogs I love in a more organized fashion, and to every once in a while shamefully promoting my etsy shops.  I have a few New Year’s resolutions so I’ll put them here and then if I’m still doing well at the end of the year try to check off what worked and what didn’t.

1)Mind-read at least one full book every month.  This will be easier to track because I can write the reviews once I’m done or not.

2)Relationship-Make sure I kiss my husband goodnight every night.  We are great at kissing goodbye in the morning but not always at night.

3)Health-I need to start cooking more.  At least the new recipes I can share my successes and fails and that’ll keep me on track.

4)Money-I want to do that 52 week challenge!

5)Mind-Start a blog, check haha.

6)Money(and kind of personal??)-Learn how to make jewelry!

So those are just the beginning.  I tried posting a picture of my adorable cat so hopefully that successfully updated.  I also want to try to take more pictures since I’ve gotten pretty bad at it.  And here’s a few things in life that I love:

1)My husband and cat

2)Idaho and NY

3)My family



6)Social Media


8)Big Brother


10)Nail Polish

So…at the very least I started a blog, haha.  Hopefully this is the start to a beautiful beginning!:)