Sorry again, excuses excuses I know!  So, we are moving from Idaho to Long Island City within the month because my husband got a job with the DEC.  While I’m still going to be prolonging the blog a little furthur and I’m not thrilled with the difference in price in living, I am excited to probably have more opportunities to go to craft shows and things like that and expand my “fun job” a little.  I got in a little car accident the other day that messed up my car pretty badly so it’s up in the air at this point how long it’ll take to get me a new one which is kind of a bummer, but at least I have no time set it stone when I have to go back and our apartment is paid up through March.  (and we signed a bad lease so we could technically be liable for April even if we aren’t that but that’s another story for another day.)


I hope soon to make this blog florish, I had so many ideas when I first started it and now I feel like I’m always either: 1)sick or 2) on the go!:)


Much love,



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