So…these were delish. I’m not too into “junk food reviews” but I thought I’d do this is honor or one of my favorite blogs ever. Seriously, go check it out. Plus every once in a while he gives me the courage to try something new, like these crackers. They were okay, I was starving when I ate it so they seemed even better but when I tried it this morning, not as much. But seriously, for the price give it a go.

Let’s Give this a go-first food post


A little bit of everything

So, since I last left you, I’ve moved from Idaho to Valley Stream, NY so that my husband could pursue a career with the DEC in the state we plan on settling in.  I wasn’t quite ready and feel thrown for a loop but I’m settling.  Also, one week after we learned we were going to be moving I got into a two part car crash, the first one being my fault and the second one not and then second part was enough that the insurance company wanted to total out my car.  So we came back to NY with only one car.  Although I didn’t have to drive at all it was much more pleasant then the ride out there.  So, I’ve had a lot of time to think and trying to figure out which way I wanted my blog to go and I think it’s going to just do whatever I want.  I’m really into reading, nail polish and fashion so probably more those than anything else but I’m keeping my options open.  With that, I ordered some new things and hopefully will review them once they come to me.  I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite things.


1) Sperry Top Sliders

2) Alex and Ani

3) and of course I’ll leave you with a shameless plug: shop here, best etsy shop ever!

All my love,




Sorry again, excuses excuses I know!  So, we are moving from Idaho to Long Island City within the month because my husband got a job with the DEC.  While I’m still going to be prolonging the blog a little furthur and I’m not thrilled with the difference in price in living, I am excited to probably have more opportunities to go to craft shows and things like that and expand my “fun job” a little.  I got in a little car accident the other day that messed up my car pretty badly so it’s up in the air at this point how long it’ll take to get me a new one which is kind of a bummer, but at least I have no time set it stone when I have to go back and our apartment is paid up through March.  (and we signed a bad lease so we could technically be liable for April even if we aren’t that but that’s another story for another day.)


I hope soon to make this blog florish, I had so many ideas when I first started it and now I feel like I’m always either: 1)sick or 2) on the go!:)


Much love,



So sick 2014!

I’m sorry I haven’t written in awhile.  I have not forgotten about you, just got sick and have been basically lying in bed the last 7 days with the exception of the 3 days I went to work.  I have 3 more starting tomorrow and then luckily a 4 day weekend for my birthday, so that’s exciting.  You know what’s even more exciting, this amazing etsy shop:

I hope you enjoy, and that this stretch was the longest we go apart without each other!




My first post!

I love social media more than most things.  One of my new year’s resolutions was to start a new blog(or a first blog hahaha!), if nothing else to keep track of all the blogs I love in a more organized fashion, and to every once in a while shamefully promoting my etsy shops.  I have a few New Year’s resolutions so I’ll put them here and then if I’m still doing well at the end of the year try to check off what worked and what didn’t.

1)Mind-read at least one full book every month.  This will be easier to track because I can write the reviews once I’m done or not.

2)Relationship-Make sure I kiss my husband goodnight every night.  We are great at kissing goodbye in the morning but not always at night.

3)Health-I need to start cooking more.  At least the new recipes I can share my successes and fails and that’ll keep me on track.

4)Money-I want to do that 52 week challenge!

5)Mind-Start a blog, check haha.

6)Money(and kind of personal??)-Learn how to make jewelry!

So those are just the beginning.  I tried posting a picture of my adorable cat so hopefully that successfully updated.  I also want to try to take more pictures since I’ve gotten pretty bad at it.  And here’s a few things in life that I love:

1)My husband and cat

2)Idaho and NY

3)My family



6)Social Media


8)Big Brother


10)Nail Polish

So…at the very least I started a blog, haha.  Hopefully this is the start to a beautiful beginning!:)


Lulu & Sharky

1st cute picture of the new year, Lulu loving on Sharky!

Lulu & Sharky